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Mr Cookie's Food Factory


Mr Cookie likes helping people and decides to help the Apple Street School children by making them lots of colourful and enticing food. But then something happens! The children start to feel strange. They fidget, they're bad tempered and their clothes are too tight. What has gone wrong?

Find out how Mr Cookie discovers his mistake and with the help of some special friends learns why it is so important to eat healthy food.

Please Note: You will need a licence to perform this work as a musical. Performance of musicals is not covered by a school's PRS licence. Each musical performed must have its own licence. You can order your performance licence at the special offer price of £11.00 (inc VAT) if you buy it with the book and CD. Click on ''Book & CD + Performance Licence'' option below.
This licence will cover your establishment until December 31st from the date of purchase in any given calendar year and for any number of performances during that time, after which it will need to be renewed.

Teachers: No musical or drama skills are needed. Just use the CD to help your children learn the songs. the script is straightforward and easy to teach with narration and simple one liners... An 'out of the box' musical play that requires more fun than effort and at the same time gives your pupils a wonderful learning experience.