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Toby's Christmas Drum


Toby loves to play his new drum for all to hear. Sadly his musical talents are not entirely appreciated! However when the angels are looking for someone to announce the birth of the new-born king, guess who gets the job!

A fun nativity play with very simple songs for younger children.

A licence is required to perform this musical. Please note that a school's PRS Licence does NOT cover the performance of musicals.
To purchase a performance licence please telephone ‘Out of the Ark Music’ on 0208 481 7200
Or email music@outoftheark.com

Copyright: Out of the Ark Music Ltd

Teachers: No musical or drama skills are needed. Just use the CD to help your children learn the songs. the script is straightforward and easy to teach with narration and simple one liners... An 'out of the box' musical play that requires more fun than effort and at the same time gives your pupils a wonderful learning experience.